Here are some things we have been reading, and some news items we have noticed.  The fact that we have listed Resources here does not mean we agree with them, or that this particular selection of items should be regarded as an indication of STE’s policy.

We share them in the spirit of generating an informed conversation.

The weekly online Newsletter of the Education Media Centre is a really useful source for keeping up with the latest news in education.  You can subscribe to this free-of-charge through their website:


Patrick Howard, 21stCentury Learning as a Radical Re-Thinking of Education in the Service of Life
Available to download at

Fusion: Creating Opportunities through Culture (Welsh Government initiative 2017-19)

English schools are broken. Only radical action will fix them(article in Guardian, Melissa Benn):

Rethinking education: towards a global common good?– UNESCO Digital Library

What can we learn from using neuroscience in Education?  Wellcome Trust


Café 1:

Café 2:

Zoom Café 1: For full details of our Zoom Café about Adverse Childhood experiences, and the related resources, click here.


The Learning Brain: lessons for education, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Uta Frith, Blackwell 2005

Compulsory Miseducation, Paul Goodman, Penguin Education Special, 1972

The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes, Jonathan Rose, 2001

How People Learn (conference proceedings) (National Academy of Sciences)

David Hicks, “Radical Education” in Ward, S. ed. (2004) Education Studies: A Student Guide, Routledge-Falmer
Available to download at


Social Mobility Commission (2021): Against the Odds – achieving greater progress for secondary students facing socio-economic disadvantage.

Wave Trust: The Economics of Early Years Investment (2013)

Wave Trust: Conception to Age 2 – the age of opportunity (2013)

Lego Foundation: Learning through Play (2017)