Our Purpose

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.”

Our Beliefs

We believe that

  • People should be encouraged and enabled to achieve their best outcome in life, regardless of their background circumstances.
  • Formal exams are not the only measure of someone’s ability
  • A person’s knowledge and skills are established through a variety of learning and assessment methods
  • Soft, non-academic skills are of such importance that they require greater recognition in public systems

For more detail, please take a look at our Manifesto.

Our Actions

The Society provides a forum for the discussion of a wide range of educational matters. It organises and contributes to public events to debate topical issues.  In this way we work towards

  • creating and extending knowledge about life skills
  • achieving parity of esteem between academic and life skills in education
  • making the development of life skills an explicit goal of public policy

We collate existing research-based knowledge that identifies best practice around human potential. This will enable us to build an accredited model which effectively encapsulates our purpose.

The Society invites membership from interested bodies and individuals in order to build a ‘Community of Interest’ in support of our objectives.  Please use our membership form or contact our Secretary by email.