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Prof. Kirby led an Education Café® on 21 June 2021 with the title “Rethinking Neurodiversity – moving from labels to people?

This led to a discussion about how we have got used to needing and wanting a label that often focuses on the challenges and difficulties someone is experiencing, and can be biased against those with less of a voice or means to engage in society. We heard about the framing around neurodiversity (meaning that all our brains differ) and why taking a person-centred approach is more equitable. Prof Kirby shared some of the research evidence and also some experiences of children, young people and adults – explaining why this approach is important for society as a whole, and who keeps missing out if we don’t adopt it.

She has published a series of newsletters on LinkedIn relating to these topics:

Prof Kirby’s doitprofiler explains her work, and has links to free resources:
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She has a forthcoming book about Neurodiversity in the Workplace: