Zoom Café 3: The First 1001 Days

Education Café® via Zoom, Monday 17 May 2021

5:30-7:00 pm

Robin Balbernie: The First 1001 Days – Right from the start.

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Robin’s introduction to our discussion will provide a very brief overview of why conception to age two is such a crucial phase in terms of laying down the foundations for future development. The relationship between babies, or toddlers, and their parents is central here, and informs the concept and practice of infant mental health.  The presentation will be based upon findings from attachment research and the information we are gaining on early brain development. The potential impact of early trauma, which an infant mental health team is there to prevent, will be considered. The evening can be an opportunity to consider how these findings could be woven into local provision. 

Robin Balbernie is an infant mental health specialist and was Consultant Child Psychotherapist in Gloucestershire. For many years he worked with the Children’s Centres as clinical lead of the ‘Secure Start’ infant mental health service. He was also involved with the Intensive Care Baby Unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital as well as running regular supervision groups for Health Visitors. He was Clinical Director for PIP UK, helping to set up and then supporting specialised infant mental health teams across the country for over five years. 

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