Circle of Education

STE believes deeply in the importance of the earliest years of a child’s life. It is the time to ignite the latent sparks of interest into the fires of knowledge and understanding and skills, both social and practical, as well as beginning to develop informed attitudes.  These need to be built upon and recognised throughout life by both the education system and employers and also seen as greatly influencing the development of subsequent generations.

In education terms, the circle can be said to start with those crucial pre-school early years, and then move through primary, secondary, higher education, and after school activities.  Social partners become parents and we return full circle to the early years. Teaching would-be parents to recognise their offspring’s potential is a key element in STE’s pathway towards its ultimate aims.

We understand the need for the separate stages of education (pre-school, primary, secondary, etc.) to work more closely together with their neighbours in order for it to become one seamless learning journey – a Circle of Education®, in fact.