Zoom Café 1: “Resilience” – a film and panel discussion about ACEs

This event took place on Monday 2 November, 2020

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can affect someone’s whole life. Much work is going on in this area, and we would like to share it. You can can still see a trailer for the film here.

Please read our related blog, written by Dr Alison Shaw

Dr Alison Shaw MRCGP MRCPscyh trained in psychiatry, community paediatrics and general practice. She now works in the field of adult psychiatry – having had experience working with adolescents in HMP Parc in South Wales as well as working in specialist neuro-developmental services.  Dr Shaw has a particular interest in the effects of ACEs on learning and emotional development. She is passionate about breaking the cycle of Inter generational trauma through primary and secondary prevention of ACEs.

Resources following the Online Screening and Q+A session on Nov 2nd2020

Toxic stress affects the way we think, feel and behave. It is not just the individual’s school years that are affected but their whole life course. This is why the Society for Education would like to highlight the work that the ACE Support Hubis doing in Wales and the Wave Trust is involved in across the UK, in raising awareness and promoting prevention of ACEs in the UK. 

ACE Support Hub Cymru  

ACE Support Hub works across Wales. www.aceawarewales.com

A Short Guide to ACE’s and a Trauma Informed Approach published by the ACE Support Hub November 2020  https://issuu.com/acesupporthub/docs/aces_ti_infographic_guide__002_

Reports from the ACE Support Hub– please see their website for the full details of all their reports.

  • Welsh Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
  • Sources of resilience and their moderating relationships with harms from adverse childhood experiences
  • Responding to ACES in Sport
  • ACEs in Child Refugees and Asylum Seeking Population
  • ACEs in the Public Services Workforce in Wales

 Wave Trust  ( UK wide)

To find out more about ACE prevention and the 70/30 campaign run by the Wave Trust to reduce child maltreatment in the UK by 70% by 2030 please visit: www.wavetrust.org/7030

The Wave Trust are also involved with building Trauma Informed Communities. Please see their website for more information about their different projects across the UK

A sample of Wave Trust reports– please see their website for their full library

Wave Trust: The Economics of Early Years Investment (2013)

Wave Trust: Conception to Age 2 – the age of opportunity (2013)https://www.wavetrust.org/conception-to-age-2-the-age-of-opportunity

Discussion Panel members

The film was followed by Q&A with an expert panel which included leading voices in the area of ACE prevention.

Joanne Hopkins is Director of ACE Support HubCymru- an organisation set up by a voluntary collaboration of organisations called Cymru Well Wales to enable Wales to become a leader in tackling and preventing ACEs.  She is also the Programme Director for the Police and Partners Early Action Together programme.  The ACE Support Hub is the leading voice in Wales with regard to ACE awareness and training.   They have worked with many sectors including education, police, criminal justice, Sport Wales, youth organisations and community groups.  http://www.aceawarewales.com

George Hosking OBE is an economist, psychologist and clinical criminologist. In 1996, he set up WAVE Trust to bring a business strategy approach to the challenge of reducing child abuse, neglect and children suffering harm through adverse life experiences, by understanding their root causes, and developing practical action plans to remove those causes. He is the editor of Age 2 to 18 – systems to protect children from severe disadvantage (2018). In 2019, the World Health Organisation invited George to become one of a 3-person team to set up a European Network of Trauma-informed Cities and Communities. http://www.wavetrust.org

Rt Hon Alun Michael is the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales. A former Minister of State at the Home Office, Secretary of State for Wales, First Minister and MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, he was a youth and community worker in Cardiff before going into politics. Community engagement and the welfare of young people are important parts of his current role. https://www.southwalescommissioner.org.uk/en/Home.aspx

THANKS – to Renishaw plc and to the Royal Society of Arts (RSA Fellowship) for their support of this event.